Mono Wire

Mono Wire

Ø 8 mm Rods produced by Upcast continuous casting plant are drawn down to Ø 1,20 mm - 3,50 mm both hard and annealed.

Wires that drawn by rod breakdown machines are packed to the iron and cardboard basket having 1500-2000 kg weights.

Intermediate Wire

Ø 3,50 - 1,80 wires from rod breakdown machines are drawn down to Ø 0,30 - 1,15 by medium wire drawing machines both hard and annealed in order to use in telecommunication and enamelled industry.

Fine Wires

Ø 0,30 - 1,15 mm wires drawn at our intermediate drawing machines are offered to market and sent to fine & super fine wire machines as well.

Entry wires of max Ø 1,00 mm are drawn down to super fine dimensions(Ø 0,10 - 0,25 mm).

Ø 0,07 - 0,25 mm fine wires are offered on Dın Ø 250 mm spools.

Tin Plated Wire

Ø 1,20 - 2,80 mm annealed single and wires are tin plated up to 15 microns. Tin plated wires are packed into steel and/or cardboard baskets 0f 750 - 1100 kg. They are used directly or drawn down to 0,05 mm super fine wires.


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